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Ampleforth Grading Results | 13th June 2013

Article taken from the Ampleforth College Website

Five boys from various houses travelled to Huby on the 13th June for their grading assessment in karate.

Alex Plowden (D Year 12), Ambroise de Selliers (J Year 12), Hilaire Bedier (J Year 12), Alex Jalland (EW Year 12) and David von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk (H Year 12) all performed exceptionally well under supervision from two of the UK's finest karate exponents, Sensei John Holdsworth and Sensei Julie Nicholson.

Karate club newcomers, Alex and Ambroise held their nerves and acquitted themselves well, both double grading from a 10th Kyu white belt to a 8th Kyu red belt. Experienced trio, Hilaire, Alex and David all battled with the tougher and longer examination to attain their 6th Kyu green belts.

Not only did the boys receive their new belts, they were privileged to benefit from a workshop with Sensei Holdsworth to learn techniques of how to improve further. After performing so well, the boys credit their success to their fantastic instructors, Sensei Ian MacLaren and Sensei Josie Wynn.

Torashin Karate Club

Jamie Altmann and Alice Nottage
Alice Nottage
1st Dan
Jamie Altmann
1st Dan

Cayton Karate Club

Andy Sherry, Steve Griffiths, Paul Swales and Frank Brennan
Andy Sherry, Dave Beale and Frank Brennan
Dave Beale
2nd Dan
Steve Griffiths
1st Dan
Paul Swales
1st Dan

Torashin Karate Club

Euan MacKinnon, Connor MacKinnon, John Armstrong and Joshua Moate
John Armstrong
Connor MacKinnon
Ewan MacKinnon
Joshua Moate

Cayton Karate Club

Back: Dave Beale(Snr Instructor), Molly Griffiths, Cameron Cambell, Bryn Griffiths, Steve Griffiths(Instructor). Front: Ciaran Hunter, Luke Shaylor, Teale Swinfen, Tyler Stephenson
Teale Swinfen
Luke Shaylor
Tyler Stephenson
Cameron Cambell
Ciaron Hunter
Bryn Griffiths

Ampleforth College Karate Club

David von Krosigk, Alex Jalland and Hilaire Bedier
Alex Jalland
Hilaire Bedier
Double Graded
David von Krosigk
Triple Graded

Whitby Karate Club

Jenny Welch
Leanne Connorton