The Cost of Training

Karate training is a comparatively inexpensive yet rewarding activity, although there is associated annual and one time costs.

Nightly fees

£3.00 for the first hour only, or £4.00 for the full two hours.

One time cost : Purchase of a Karate Suit:

Karate Suits cost from £20.00 for a reasonable quality suit, depending on size.

Karate Suits can be purchased from the KUGB’s sponsor and recommended supplier, Kamae.

Annual Costs and weekly costs:

The Club is registered in January every year with the KUGB and to to keep our administration in line with their records, we also revise our membership list at this time.

The annual membership fee is £12.00, this fee is used to help with administration expenses, visiting examiner’s expenses and registration fees.

You will require a licence from the Karate Union of Great Britain which costs £27.00 (over 16) or £24.00 (under 16).

You should always make sure that you have a licence, it is your grading record and it must be signed each time you take a grading examination.

A licence also confirms that you have insurance in the unlikely event of injury.