Frequently Asked Questions

Why train at karate?

Karate training aims to contribute to the development of co-ordination, control and mastery of the body and, to a certain extent, the development of the mind. Students are encouraged to learn through action and observation as well as from theory. They are also encouraged to pass on as much of their knowledge and experience as possible, in a confident and mature manner.

Currently, Karate is practised by many people in a variety of institutions - sports centres, schools, colleges, universities and private clubs. Students have chosen karate for a number of reasons - to keep fit, to develop a sense of awareness and self confidence and also for self defence.

In the Torashin Karate Club these activities take place within the context of teaching and learning in a safe, disciplined environment. Many different skills are learned, knowledge and understanding is developed, and a positive attitude with personal and social attributes are encouraged.

It is important to understand that Karate is not the study of violence - it is rather the study of the control of violence and requires determined thought as well as effort.

It leads to improved physical and mental performance, which gives Karate students a good sense of discipline and etiquette. This often develops the ability to achieve high academic success through determined study. Students gain satisfaction and enjoyment from working with a purpose and practising diligently to overcome the many challenges presented to them.

What is the youngest age for children to start Karate?

Insurance companies will not insure children under 5.

Clubs cannot therefore accept children under this age and some clubs will have their own minimum age - often around 7 or 8.

How do I obtain / renew my licence?

Ask your club instructor/secretary.

What is the difference between styles?

All styles of Karate practice blocking, striking and kicking, but with different emphasis on range, speed and direction of techniques.

I have had a break in training - do I need to re-grade?

No, we don’t take away grades - but ask your instructor to help you return to fitness, ability and standard in a sensible and safe way.

What insurance cover is provided by my licence?

The licence provides member to member, Public liability and Professional liability cover.

A copy of the insurance synopsis is held by all clubs.