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Josie Wynn and Ian MacLaren
Josie Wynn and Ian MacLaren

The translation of the Japanese characters which make up the club's name is “Spirit of the Tiger”. The Tiger has always been used to symbolise the strength, courage and determination in students of Karate from as far back as the 13th Century, and these are the qualities we try to develop within the club.

The club was founded by Ian MacLaren and Josie Wynn in 1997. Ian is a 6th Dan and Josie is a 4th Dan, qualifications awarded by the prestigious Japan Karate Association.

Ian is also one of the country's foremost teachers of Kobudo, the study of traditional Karate weaponry, and Josie is his senior student in this study. He is also recognised as a prominent Karate historian, and regularly teaches and lectures throughout the country.

They are both qualified KUGB Instructors and Assessors, both qualifications are recognised by Karate England.

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